Jodie’s Challenge: The gym

We are delighted to introduce Jodie Templeman as the newest member of our reception team.

She joins the club with a wealth of reception experience and has already made a great impact in her short time at the club. Her friendly, bubbly character and a can-do attitude will certainly prove very popular with all the staff and members alike.

But she’s got another job to do.

It will be Jodie’s first experience of working in a country club so she has taken it upon herself to try everything that the club has to offer.

Over the coming weeks, Jodie will be taking part in our range of exercise classes, trying her hand at golf, working on her backhand on the tennis courts, working out in the gym and generally learning about everything that is on offer at Cranleigh Golf & Country Club.

She will be writing her own blog, which will be posted on the club’s Facebook page and perhaps it may also tempt you to check out some of the other areas of our club.

You will see her around the club so please make her feel welcome.

But please make sure she gets the full Cranleigh experience!

Here’s her first blog as she visited the gym.


Hi everyone, I’m Jodie.

Having recently joined Cranleigh Golf & Country Club as part of the reception team, I am keen to try out all aspects of the club’s facilities and to get to know you all.

So, my first port of call was the gym.

I must be honest; this was my first time inside a gym!

My previous concept of gyms was overwhelming with intimidating machinery.  Fortunately, Nikki from the crèche joined me for the induction. What a star!

Dan taught us how to use the equipment safely and confidently and most of all we enjoyed it!  I was so enthusiastic afterwards I drove home to create my very own gym playlist.

If like me, you have never entered a gym before or feel a little nervous, don’t be worried.  I would highly recommend you book an induction and familiarise yourself with all the equipment we have available.  No matter your age or fitness levels there is something for everyone.

Within your gym induction we can arrange another appointment to build a bespoke personal programme to suit your fitness level. See you in there!

Throughout the next coming weeks, I will be joining your classes.

I can’t wait!



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