Gong Sound Bath & Chakra Purification

Saturday September 15th 4-6pm

‘Feel the gong’s pulsations and let the millions of vibrations dance and flow through your senses.
You will become fearless, relaxed and awakened.’ – Yogi Bhajan

Gordon returns with his amazing gong sound bath plus a focus on chakra purification.

Laying down on a comfortable mat you are literally ‘bathed’ in sound. The vibrating tones of the gongs break through the mental and physical blocks of mind, body and spirit to
promote a deep sense of well-being, relaxation and inner peace. Most people emerge from a gong bath feeling extremely relaxed, re-energised and refreshed. The aura, nerve and
immune systems seem strengthened and the inner voice of higher consciousness more easily heard.

Please bring blankets and cushions to ensure you are comfortable throughout.

Price just £10 – please book at reception

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