After a memorable commute for people in #Godalming Mr Motivator is in #Farncombe next Tuesday. Temperature permitti…

When you realise a session at The Retreat is only one more day at work away... 😍

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We want to see you serving up an ace on our tennis courts!

Make sure you say hello to him and remember to take a 📸when you do!

Commuters at #Godalming station will be joined by Mr Motivator tomorrow morning between 7.30-8.30 who will be armed…

Swim Tots is back and this is how to book ⬇️ ⏰11 am Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 🖥️ swimsafeschool@btint…


"Those that were present will certainly not forget their commute this morning!"

These are the words of our very own Mr Motivator along with his his, well, lets say interesting poses!

Our sources tell us he will be at #Farncombe station next Tuesday, armed again with free gym passes.

However, that will depend on Mr Motivator's Kryptonite (The cold!) not being in attendance as well!

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When you realise a session at The Retreat is only one more day at work away... 😍 ...

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Who is looking for something to do tonight? 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️ Can we steer you in the direction of some of the classes that are taking place tonight:

5.30 Pilates - work the core with Fiona
6.30 Yoga - relax and stretch with Laura
6.45 Cycling - spin your legs to great tunes with Ali Bull
7.40 HIIT - an amazing cardio workout again with Ali Bull

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HE IS BACK! Commuters at #Godalming station will have a great start to Wednesday morning, as Mr Motivator will be in attendance!
Between 7.30 and 8.30 tomorrow morning he will be armed with free passes to our gym.
Make sure you say hello to him and let us know when you do! 📸😀

(Depending on how the rest of today goes, those donuts may or may not make an appearance 😂)

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