After the fantastic response from our 5 Reasons To Workout With Friends post, we’ve asked our very own Fitness Director, David Salmon, to come up with some of the benefits of working with friends from his point of view. Take a look at his post entitled ‘Partner Workouts; 1/2 The Effort, Twice The Reward’ below. He’s also put together a great video with three unique partner exercises for you to try with your gym buddy.

Partner Workouts; 1/2 The Effort, Twice The Reward

As exercise continues to revolutionise itself people are looking for and creating ways to produce challenging workouts both within and outside of exercise facilities. Outside of the enjoyment and camaraderie of shared challenges, partner workouts are a novel solution to home workouts or impromptu sessions with little or no equipment.

Using your own and training partners body weight not only provides the resistance needed to create an affective workout it also provides some extra hidden benefits.

  1. Stabilisation – Supporting your partners body weight to create a solid foundation from which exercises can be performed not only challenges and develops muscles used to perform the exercise it also challenges and therefore develops those required for joint stabilisation and control. Often working in isometric or static held contraction benefits go beyond just stabilisation with gains in both strength and muscular endurance.
  2. Core strength – Woking with a partner often creates opposing forces which need to be controlled in order to perform the exercise. Each individual will have a dominant side that will create unequal force felt by the other person. For example a standing partner push up will undoubtedly create a torsion or rotational force that needs to be compensated for without altering body position. Therefore core strength and control is challenged through many partner exercises which is good news for all!

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