When talking about the gym, the general response of non-gym goers is that they’re too busy or can’t be bothered. This answer is almost automated! But, does this automation negatively affect your psychology and physical shape? The answer is yes, yes it does!

At Cranleigh Golf & Country Club, we’re firm believers that if you want to positively change your life, the gym (and working out in general) is an important aspect. For those of you who are already members, we know that sometimes you don’t feel like coming to the gym one evening – perhaps after a long day of work – but as soon as you do, well, you don’t regret it!

But, why do we feel so happy after a workout? Particularly when we don’t overly feel like working out in the first place! It’s no secret that working out releases endorphin which is your feel good hormone, but on top of that you’re surrounding yourself with people who didn’t choose to lay down rather than work out. That in itself is not only a way of meeting people with a great mind-set, but opening your eyes to what is truly possible when you just say yes.

On top of the psychological aspect, you become healthier and begin to look better. The looking better part might sound vain and irrelevant but in all honesty everyone on this planet feels more confident when they look in the mirror and are in the shape they want to be in.

So make 2016/17 the time you say yes to opportunity and think differently to the 90% of people in the rut, who have that same automated message when asked about the gym; and on top of that, become the inspiration everyone needs in their life.